External Links

This section includes a list of links to sites and resources relating to games I have some interaction with. I keep this section as up to date as possible, but please let me know if any links are dead.

Open Legend RPG

This is a system agnostic RPG that I helped (only a little) develop. I think it’s awesome, but then I am biased:

Open Legend RPG Homepage – Includes the core rules for free

Open Legend Community Forums

Open Legend Wiki Page

Open Legend Online Tools – A HeroMuster page which includes a character builder plus much more

Beyond the Gates of Anatres

A Sci-Fi wargame developed my Rick Priestly (of WH40k fame). My current obsession:

Antares Nexus – A vast resource for all things Antares

Warlord Games – The publishers of the game. Check out some of their other great products

The Freeborn Shard – A podcast dedicated to the Antares game

Battle Scribe – An extremely useful tool for calculating the points costs for your armies