An RPG for a non-gamer

So here’s the challenge I have set myself. I know someone who would like to experience a roleplaying game, but they don’t really like games. Not just RPGs, but most games in general.

To be more accurate it’s not that they don’t like them, it’s more that they feel there are other, better, things they could be doing with their time. Previously they have tried to get into some of my D&D games, but it became clear quite early on that they weren’t really enjoying it.

Getting a bit of feedback after the game it transpired that among other things they weren’t really into the tactical aspects of the game. Rolling for initiative and deciding on the best weapons, spells etc. to use just didn’t do it for them. To them it simply slowed the game down. This led me to think of trying some other RPG (namely Fate), however, what I finally decided was to write my own system.

Oh, that way madness lies

Yes, I know that’s what you’re all thinking. It is an insane thing to decide based on one player and their experience. Better perhaps to find another system that works, or to find another group with a different play style. Sadly I’ve never liked to do things the easy way. Sometimes adapting a system to a player, though do-able (another blog in that perhaps), isn’t to my mind the best way to do things. Much better to find the system for the player.

Now, while such a system may exist (and I may also talk a bit about this in another blog) I do love designing game systems. Thus my mission began many months ago. Can I write a system with enough crunch to keep me happy as GM, but still make it fun for this player. Watch this space and see.

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